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Get the most current Census Bureau population, income and other demographic data for 5-mile radiuses around US cities. Skip spending hours searching for demographics by radius data online.

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You aren’t alone. Since 2009, we’ve helped 8,854 businesses get the right data for their businesses. And demographics by radius is a popular request for businesses that are looking for locations close to their target markets, want to dig into why certain stores are underperforming and identify demographic factors that contribute to their top performing stores.

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In 2009, Anthony Morales and Kristen Carney founded Cubit Planning and are the data detectives behind Cubit’s Radius Reports. They have a passion for talking with customers to pull out the details that are most important to them and their business. With 30 years of combined experience between them, Anthony and Kristen know that demographic data can mean the difference between a mediocre location and a great location and are on a mission to delight customers by providing quality data along with great customer service.



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Founders Kristen Carney and Anthony Morales
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